Do I need to remove Bumperduo for a car wash?

Yes. Any build-up of dirt trapped between Bumperduo car bumper protector and the car needs to be washed. It's a good idea to wash the inside of Bumperduo as well to remove dirt.

What should I do when Bumperduo covers my back reflectors?

The rear Bumperduo protector already has built in reflectors, which are the silver straps. Therefore it’s not an issue to cover your vehicle's reflectors.

What should I do if Bumperduo doesn't hold tight enough around my bumper?

Crisscross bungee cords, or loop bungee cords, or do both. These 2 techniques help create a tight fit between the bumper protector and your car bumper. You can also use shorter bungee cords, so it’s important to try different sizes to find your car’s optimal fit.

How thick is Bumperduo?

4mm thick. It’s strong, durable, and shock absorbent to protect your car bumpers from parking impacts such as scratches, minor dents, and daily wear and tear.

If I don't find my car listed, will Bumperduo still work on any car?

Any cars not listed are not compatible with Bumperduo. Please contact us if you are not sure or have any questions about your car make and model.

If I have a back up camera, is it a problem to use Bumperduo?

No. Bumperduo is designed in a way that does not obstruct car back up cameras.

If I have parking sensors, will Bumperduo block them?

Yes and we have an easy solution for it – the Bumperduo Puncture Ring. It creates neat holes in the Bumperduo car bumper protector to expose your parking sensors. Please watch our video to see how it’s done.

Is there a limit to how many squares can be cut out on the Bumperduo bumper protector for fog lights?

Yes. No more than 4 squares horizontally and 2 squares vertically.