Scratch Resistant Lining


$45 $35

Product Description

We've thought of everything! Including an extra soft layer of adhesive lining that sticks to the Bumperduo bumper protector. It prevents any build-up of dirt that might get trapped between the bumperduo bumper protector and the car bumper, leaving marks after extended contact with your bumper.

This accessory is recommended for customers who intend to drive with Bumperduo on the car. It can be used for front and back Bumperduo, and especially on corners.

Bumperduo front bumper protector protects car bumper from scratches
WARNING: Do not cover front ventilation holes on Bumperduo, they must be open to allow engine ventilation.

Product Details

  • Each package comes with 6 pieces of Bumperduo scratch resistant lining.
  • Recommended for bumper corners but can also be used any place that doesn't block front ventilation
  • Sticks to the Bumperduo protector, not your car bumper
  • Bumperduo must still be removed for car wash.
  • Provides extra protection against small dents and dings.