Fog Lights Puncture Ring


$25 $20

Product Description

Bumperduo bumper protector may cover your car fog lights, we offer the Bumperduo Puncture Ring, designed to create neat holes in the bumper protector to expose your car’s fog lights, while still keeping your car bumper fully protected with Bumperduo.

Product Details

  • Use only with front Bumperduo bumper protector
  • Allows fog lights to work with front bumper protector
  • Puncture at least 1 inch from edge to keep Bumperduo strong

Special Note: Since fog lights come in different shapes, a round puncture ring is not always optimal. The reverse side of the Front Bumperduo protector has an indented grid for your car make and model. Fog Lights Puncture Ring creates clean holes in front bumper protector

This grid allows for easy custom shaping for fog light clearance. If you have any questions about using the puncture ring, please feel free to Contact Us any time or visit a licensed Bumperduo installation location for assistance.