Bungee Cords for Replacement


$25 $20

Product Description

These replacement bungee cords are elastic and highly expandable. They create a tight fit for Bumperduo on your car bumper — an important part of the bumper protection system. They mount with special hooks on each end that are entirely coated with rubber to ensure that no damage is done to your car’s paint. They also remove easily for cleaning behind the car bumper protector.

Product Details

Available in 3 different sizes to allow maximum fitting options. Each set includes all 3 sizes (total of 12 bungee cords) so you can choose the best size and fit for your car. Lasts 12-24 months.

  • Short: 8 inches (4 pcs)
  • Medium: 12 inches (4pcs)
  • Long: 18 inches (4 pcs)