Crazy Parking Cushions


$28 $22

Product Description

In the city, you often find people trying to park in very tight spaces, damaging adjacent cars carelessly. Don’t be that car that gets scratched from tight parking. Protect your bumper with additional padding. Continued wear and tear on your car bumper can quickly ruin it. Our Crazy Parking Cushion solution is completely compatible with the Bumperduo system of protection.

Product Details

  • 2 Per Set
  • Recommended only for Back Bumperduo bumper protector
  • 2.5 inches of shock absorbent, durable and resilient foam
  • Easily mounts on top of your Back Bumperduo bumper protector
  • Does not impair your ability to drive when attached to Back Bumperduo bumper protector
  • Sufficient support to stay on during driving, no need to remove