Designed for the Modern City Vehicle

Don't Let This Happen To Your Car!

Bumperduo protects your bumper from minor bumps and scratches

Protect Your Car's Front, Back and Sides

Bumperduo protects bumper front, back and sides

Versatile Yet Durable!

Easily Folds Into Trunk

Bumperduo easily folds into trunk for a drive

Compatible with Fog Lights

Bumperduo is compatible with fog lights

And Parking Sensors

Bumperduo is compatible with parking sensors

Drive with it Anywhere

Even on the Highway

Superior Protection At An Affordable Price

Better Protection with Crazy Parking Cushions

Get Double Protection with our Crazy Parking Cushions!

You do everything right to keep your car looking new and your bumper scratch free. Yet, you always find a scratch when returing to your parking spot. It's no wonder that New York and Chicago are called Concrete Jungles. Drivers are aggressive and carelessly squeeze into tight spaces, while rearing your car!

Get Bumperduo Crazy Parking Cushions and stop wishing you could control how other drivers park! Designed to protect your car's back bumper, they absorb impact inflicted during parking in tight spaces.

Light, durable, removable and versatile, they can be used in sets of two or four for your back bumper protector or sides.

Easy to Install

Check out our two-minute video