Thanks for these awesome car bumper protectors

I recently purchased the product and I think it's fantastic. It's great for my new car and the older one I just gave to my teenage son. It's much better than a lot of bumper protectors out there that only cover a small portion of the back with a flap. That leaves the sides totally exposed, and you can get a lot of scratches on the sides. With a teen kid, I especially don’t want to pay for car bumper repairs either. I'm from Chicago and city parking is a nightmare, especially downtown and on the Northside. Again thanks for a great product.
—Angela H., Chicago

Car Bumper Heaven

I’m in heaven. Bumperduo fully covers the corners, front and back of my Camry bumpers. Really tight fight (no flapping around) and I love the fact that it's removable, I can use it on my next car.
—Rob T., Miami, FL

Bumperduo Worth Every Penny

Awesome product, worth every penny. I no longer worry about parking in tight spots and getting scratches, plus the rubber is thick and durable. Installation was really simple, didn't even need to look at instructions. It has markings for cutting out fog lights using their puncture ring, which was really useful. Worked out great and the car looks even better.
—Bill S., Queens, NY

Somebody Finally Got Car Bumper Protection Right

When I first saw it at my car dealer, I was skeptical. I saw a lot of rubber bumper flaps around Brooklyn and they didn’t look great. My car dealer promised it was the perfect solution for tight city parking and rough driving conditions. So I had my dealer install it (can't say if that was easy) and I absolutely love it. He cut out small holes around my fog lights, that way the front bumper is protected and doesn’t block the lights. I would definitely recommend it to anyone getting a new car. I can’t imagine paying for expensive car bumper repairs when you can totally protect your car bumpers.
—Laura G., Brooklyn, NY

Easy Installation, Unbeatable Bumper Protection

Cool idea, installation was easy, really protects both car bumpers, no gimmicks. Wish they had it earlier before several of my previous car bumpers got banged up pretty bad. Parking in San Fran is no picnic.
—Jim L., San Francisco, CA

Finally, Peace of Mind When Parking

Never thought I could have such a peace of mind parking in the city, really love it!
—Jane, S., Elizabeth, NJ