About Us

New Car, Damaged Bumper. Sound Like Your Nightmare?

Founded by folks from New York who just couldn't take it any more, Bumperduo car bumper protectors are designed to truly protect your car’s entire bumper, not just a thin fraction of the back, but even the corners. Have you had your car bumpers damaged mere weeks after getting a new car? Do we have to settle for lopsided flaps that cover a fraction of the car’s bumper, leaving the corners exposed? Or a super thick license plate frame? And what about covering the rest of the car bumper? Can't any one come up with something that will truly protect car bumpers?

Bumperduo was born to provide complete protection for your front and back car bumpers. They are carefully designed to fit your car to a “T,” while also looking nice and sleek with a tight fit that stays in place. You can easily install and remove them yourself without paying a mechanic.

Bumperduo comes in different sizes for different car makes and models and works with car parking sensors, license plate frames, and fog lights.

Our top of the line bumper guards prevent scratches, scuffs, minor dents, and daily wear and tear, so you can always park in tights spots without worries. By protecting your car’s front and back bumpers, Bumperduo will insure that parking won’t ruin your bumpers.

Bumperduo car bumper protectors are the only bumper protection system designed to cover the maximum bumper space, especially the corners, a critical piece of the car bumper often left to negligent damage.

Avoid Expensive Car Repairs. Get Bumperduo Instead.

Stop wasting money on expensive car bumper repairs, bumper painting, or bumper scratch buffing. The Bumperduo car bumper protector is an ample 9 inches wide and 4mm thick. It’s made from professional grade rubber that's built to last no matter how tight the parking spot or how rough the highways. If you have car parking sensors, the Bumperduo bumper protector can be easily altered to activate the car’s parking sensors or fog lights, while remaining fully intact and durable.

Bumperduo stands out as the top rubber car bumper protector on the market today. Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, you can easily protect your car bumper from damage. Browse our Gallery to see just how much our customers love Bumperduo on their cars.

Years of Engineering Created Superior Bumper Protectors

The Bumperduo bumper protection system was not developed overnight.

From the first version of Bumperduo, we’ve steadily made improvements by always listening to our customers. We’ve fine-tuned the details and added accessories that our customers requested. Thanks to its ingenious bumper protector design and professional grade rubber material, Bumperduo fits closely and stylishly to the car bumper. Today, the Bumperduo car bumper protector is a thoroughly perfected product, easily available online. Stop paying for expensive car bumper repairs. Stop driving around with a scratched bumper. Bumperduo is the right decision for you!

Along with superior car bumper protection, we also have a solution for:

And if you'll find an issue or just need a tip, we're here for you. Email us at thankyou@bumperduo.com and include a picture, we respond promptly!

—The Bumperduo Team