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Open House

Open House

Find out if the Touro Graduate School of Technology is the place for you!

The world is changing drastically, and so is the job market. To succeed today, you need to learn to adapt to the constant changing market. That is why we designed our degrees to help you do just that.

Attend our open house and find out how our program can help you succeed in your career. Whether you're an experienced designer, network engineer, database architect or a newbie to any of the mentioned fields, at Touro GST we can prepare you.

Want to know how? Come to our open house and speak to our dean, directors, staff, students and alumni and decide if Touro GST is the place for you. Open House attendees are qualified to receive an Application Fee Waiver.

Walk-ins Welcome!

Upcoming Events – In-house

In-Person Open House

Future-proof your career at one of the top technology schools in NYC, Touro Graduate School of Technology!

Attend our graduate open house and find out how our master's degree programs in New York City can help you have a successful career.

6:00 – 8:00 PM

320 West 31st Street
Room # 143
New York, NY 10001