The Beginning

Tatyana Borowski class in Soviet Union

Fourth Grade Class Photo

I will never forget the creative and giving teacher who changed my life, Ms. Dilnoza Kahramonovna. Here's a challenge; find me in this photo.

I was born in Soviet Union and attended an experimental learning program where I studied English as a second language. When the Iron Curtain fell, my family and I were forced to leave Uzbekistan due to open anti-Semitism. Being privileged to learn English from second grade, enabled me to act as the family’s interpreter when we moved to the United States.

Always an Artist

Dad's Birthday Card

Dad's Birthday Card

Drawn at age seven

I was born an artist. I would spend hours drawing, attempting to mimic reality with just a pencil and paper. At the age of 7, I made my dad a birthday card. My mom held onto this personal momento in order to motivate me to further develop my G-d given talents.

A Curious Eclectic Thinker

I’ve learned that curiosity is the key to success because you never know what life can throw your way, and if you embrace it and persevere by asking the right questions and teach yourself when necessary, you become better because of it.

Formally Trained

Art Instruction Schools Exam and Acceptance

Art Instruction Schools Exam & Acceptance

Not bad for a 13 year old.

At the age of 14, I enrolled in Art Instruction Schools to learn how to draw. While I did not complete the program, I was commissioned by friends and acquaintances who recognized my artistic talent and paid me to complete several significant projects.

Becomes Professional Designer

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Digital and Multimedia Design at Touro College. During my senior portfolio review, the Dean was so impressed with my presentation that he offered me a full time job on the spot.

I accepted the position, joining Touro College as a graphic designer for the Graduate School of Technology (GST), at a time when Touro College did not have a design or marketing department. Recognizing my ability to lead, the Dean appointed me, first as Senior Graphic Designer and UX/UI Designer, and later as Marketing Director. My crowning achievement was creating a single brand for GST, at a time when no other unit within the university, nor the college as a whole, had developed a brand. That was quite a challenge.


Touro Graduate School of Technology Responsive Website

Touro GST Website

The first responsive website at Touro

I’ve since created a brand, designed print and digital ads and a responsive website for the Touro College Graduate School of Technology.


As my reputation grew, based on my accomplishments, through word of mouth, I was presented with and undertook several interesting projects, which I completed during evenings and weekends. This allowed me to diversify my technical skills and to further my professional development.

You see, for me, designing and branding is more than just a job. It incorporates research, creating personas, understanding what makes people tick, determining what needs buyers have and how I can help them find solutions in an easy and intuitive way. Whether clients are looking to protect their bumpers from tight city spaces or are in search of a great videographer to capture their special moments, designing and branding for them is always fun, exciting and challenging for me.


While I consider myself a Renaissance Woman, I’ve learned that I don’t feel complete unless I can give to others what I’ve mastered. Whether it’s by mentoring junior assistants or graduate and undergraduate students at Touro College, I find great satisfaction in seeing bright young minds learn what has made me successful and go on to achieve their own professional success. I constantly revise my syllabi and update the school’s curricula to reflect the changes in the industry so that the students are presented with the “latest and the greatest”. Teaching has also provided me with a very valuable life lesson - being patient and humble.